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DTMP Guideline


These DTMP Guidelines serve to assist the user in the preparation of a District Transport Master Plan (DTMP) for the conservation, improvement and new construction of the District Road Core Network (DRCN). The DTMP is to be prepared every five years and provides a prioritised list of interventions for the DRCN that can be carried out with the estimated budget for the 5-year DTMP period. Each year the planned interventions are further detailed in the Annual Work Programme of the DOC, adjusting the plan according to the actual budget and requirements. The conservation works are further detailed in the Annual Road Maintenance Plan (ARMP) that defines the maintenance interventions to be carried out in the DRCN and provides further detail to the general proposal included in the DTMP.

For Detail Download DTMP-Guideline-2012.pdf

RTI Maintenance
Pilot-Annual Review-2012

Annual Report 2012